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Zakk Wylde - Guitarist with Ozzy Osbourne & Black Label Society  

"This place is  awesome! You've got a really great set up here.. the recording sounds great!"

Jenn Friedman - Personal Bias Records

"Just, thank you for your incredible work!!! You have allowed us to bring these songs to life on a whole other magical level!!! I'm so happy with this. I'm so moved. This is the beginning of a new phase of my life. I have a very very strong, good feeling that I am about to become acknowledged on a broader scale for my music and writing and that is in huge part because of your incredible work. I'm honored to have you play a part in this journey. This all just makes me so happy. Thank you so, so much! "

Gary Joseph Hassay - Drimala Records/ Saxophones/Improvisation

"Westwires is literally a world-class studio run by an incredibly honest, knowledgeable and caring musician/gentleman.  Wayne has helped me tremendously to put on disc what I hear in my head.  I have had the pleasure of recording with many internationally known musicians there, and all of them say that Wayne’s studio/work is a treasure, equal or better than many well-known national studios."

William Parker - Bassist - Columbia/Black Saint/ Blue Note Records

"This is the best I've ever heard my bass recorded".." it sounds so warm, is this a digital recording"?

All About Jazz, July, 1999 by Allen Huotari

"Fans of William Parker will undoubtedly find much to cherish in this clean, uncluttered, and well engineered recording."


Dave Zullo - Guitarist with Eighteenth Hour

"Wayne really went beyond the typical producer/band relationship when working on our interactive CD "Glimpse".  Not only did he have the technical knowledge to help us achieve the sounds we wanted, but he also had the musical knowledge in which we could use him as a sounding board (and almost as a 5th member) when developing new parts & ideas in the studio.  Overall, I think the reason why so many talented musicians want to work with Wayne is because he truly devotes himself to the success of each and every project...and, very simply, that's the reason we decided to work with Wayne again on our follow-up CD "Shine".

Al Guerrero - Recording Artist-Bassist (1957 - 2002)

"Westwires is a great place for any artist to work. It has a comfortable atmosphere and world-class gear, but more importantly, Wayne Becker understands that the sound is the most important thing. From warm acoustic guitar to industrial/techno drum loops (and always the best vocal tracks I have ever heard), Wayne won't quit until you get the sound you want. I have worked in several other well-known area studios, and I have always found Westwires to be the most efficient, while maintaining the highest standards of sonics and production values."

Phil Pilorz - The Philosophers

I just listened to the mixes on phones here at home and I am absolutely freaking out at how GREAT they sound!!! This is the first time in almost 16 years that I've gotten a guitar sound that I like: it actually sounds the way my guitar sounds to me live! Without any doubling or goofy studio crap it sounds HUGE on She TAlks To Angels! I can't tell you how glad I am that I gave you a call. The way you like to work is pretty much right in synch with the way I like to work: catch it all live. The feels are really good, but the sound...... OMG. Best drum sound ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gil Resto - Bassist (Cordova/ Tonight We Escape/Nooner)

"Westwires brought our band to the next level. Wayne Becker provided a great forum for growth as a band and as musicians. I highly recommend Wayne Becker and Westwires for any project from a demo to a full fledged album."

JJ Zeller - Drummer/Producer

"Westwires is one the best studios I have ever worked in. The atmosphere is great and the room has an exceptional sound. Wayne is an excellent producer/engineer and I will give you four reasons why. First, he is a musician who writes songs so he understands the artistic process. Second, he has the best ear that I have ever worked with so not only does he know where to place the mic but which one to use. Third, he is more technically proficient with equipment then anyone I have worked with. Fourth, and most important he is a man of great character, which is something that is vary rare these days."

E.J. Paris - Songwriter - Recording Artist

"Wayne's traditional and contemporary approaches to production can transform compositions into a new light ... a brilliant engineer, a torch bearer of new technology. I highly recommend his studio to first time recording artists as well as to veterans in the music business!"

Signal To Noise, Sept/Oct 1999  by Jon Morgan

"Producer Wayne Becker has done an impeccable service to this music, giving each player an equal slice of the sonic pie, allowing for a mix that is equal in clarity to the music itself.

Improvisation Nation,  Issue #37 (April 1999)  by Dick Metcalf  - "Ye Ren" Review

"I’d advise the listener to settle in somewhere comfortable with a good set of headphones.   Makihara’s percussion & drums are miked perfectly, as is Parker’s acoustic bass.  The players have a real sense of “team”, to the listener’s benefit… no battles over who gets in front, very nicely blended & a great mix!"

IAJRC Journal, Summer, by Stuart Kremsky

"The deeply grounded woody sound of William Parker's bass is known to all fans of the avant-garde; his tone is very well captured here in an all-digital recording. "

Lehigh Valley Tonight, Eighteenth Hour "Shine" Review 

"To a new listener the disc is a true representation of what the band is about. Now if only it was a tad bit longer. [The] short track list is offset by the quality of the disc"

Royal Jam Music, Michael Stanley

"The 2001 Eighteenth Hour "Glimpse' CD is professionally produced, clean sounding, and well worth it."

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