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  • Mixing and sweetening of pre-recorded material from home and project studios

  • Complete project production from pre-production, tracking, overdubs, mixing to mastering

  • Remixing
  • High Definition Digital and Analog multitrack recording

  • Live, in-studio stereo recording to analog or digital media

  • Remote multitrack recording to digital media

  •  Surround mixes

  • Audio sweetening, additional overdubs, mixing and mastering of tracks recorded in personal studios

  • Song arrangement

  • Experienced musicians

  • Music publishing with Westwires Music USA (BMI)

  • Personal studio design service; we will help you select you gear, modify the acoustics of your space and train you on your equipment

  • Recording Workshops, Seminars and Mentoring


  • In house producers to help you with your project; not just engineers

  • Consistent sonic excellence since 1982

  • State of the art digital technology & vintage analog classics

  • Custom designed studio for excellent acoustics and to stimulate creativity

  • Major label release quality masters, radio ready

  • Support of digital and analog recording formats including; Pro Tools, R-DAT, ADAT, 1/4 analog and vinyl

  • Huge collection of both vintage and modern microphones & outboard gear


  • Recording, Digital Editing & Mastering - Booking by the Hour - Call

  • Complete Demo and Project Rates - Negotiated per Song or per Project

  • Special Discounted Rates for Unsigned Artists & NARAS Members

  • Media for backup - Market Price

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