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 I started Westwires Recording USA back in 1983 as an artist's studio. Since then, my dedication of helping artists, building relationships and word of mouth referrals, gas allowed me to work with hundreds of original music artists. Serving signed and independent artists, I have worked with artists in all genres. Labels such as Universal, Drimala and Eagle Rock have trusted their artists to our production skills. 

Our studio is a mix of new and old school tech, equipped with the latest software and highest quality A/D converters for HD recording. Our analog tech provides the throwback vibe of the 50's through 90's. 

Our custom Oram mixing console designed by recording industry icon John Oram provides that fat analog sound reminiscent of the consoles he designed for Abby Road and other famous recording studios. 

Our microphone locker has over 50 unique and industry standard mics so we don't have to compromise when looking for that perfect sound. We have collectable ribbons from RCA, tubes from Sony as well as other new and collectable mics from ADK, AKG, Audio Technica, American Dynamics, CAD, Neumann, Nakamichi, Rode, Sennheiser and Shure. Over 50 microphones in all and still growing. We believe there is a perfect mic for each instrument and situation.

Our compliment of guitars, amps, drums, percussion, keyboards, modules and drum machines will satisfy the most demanding situation. We also arrange talent as needed for your project. Personal monitoring stations for each member of the band provide your own mix that will keep you tuned in and inspire you to play.

Of course we have lots of plugins and outboard gear both analog and digital. Mic preamps, limiters, compressors and DSPs from names like Focusrite, TC Electronic, Aphex, DBX, Symetrix, Antares and Yamaha.

A relaxing and creative environment, we have a lounge with refreshments and TV, a silent HVAC system, isolation rooms, access to restaurants and minutes from major highways.


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