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Updated 10/28/2013 - Subject to change
Mixing Consoles
Soundtracs Topaz 24.8.24 British Analogue Console
Yamaha O1V96i 32 Channel Automated Digital Mixing Console
Yamaha O3D 24 Channel Automated Digital Mixing Console
Recording - Digital
MOTU 896HD High Definition Recording 24bit/192kHz Interface
Presonus Digimax D8 HD 24bit/96kHz Interface
Alesis HD24 24 Track Hard Disc Recording System
Alesis HD24 FireWire Computer Editing Interface
Alesis ADAT XT20 20bit/48KHz Recorder
Technics SVDA10 DAT Recorder
Marantz CDR-600 Professional CD Recorder
Recording - Analog
Fostex G-16, 16 Track Analog Recorder
Otari MX5500 2 Track Analog Recorder
Technics RSB605 Cassette Deck
Digital Audio Workstation & Software
Sony Vegas Pro HD Multitrack Recording, Editing & 5.1 Mixing Software
Sony Sound Forge Digital Editing Software
Sony CD Architect CD Mastering Software
Sony ACID Pro DAW Software w/1000+ Loop Library
Sony DVD Architect DVD Authoring Software
Ozone Isotope Mastering Suite Software
Passport Memphis
Many Plug-Ins and Ancillary Software - Too many to list!
Signal Routing & Synchronization
M Audio Digital Audio Patch - Fiber Optic Patchbay
MidiWorks 8 x 8 MIDI Patchbay
Outboard Processing
Antares ATR-1 Auto Tune Intonation Processor
Aphex 720 "Dominator" Brickwall Limiter
DBX DDP 24bit Digital Dynamics Processor
(2) Symetrix CL-150 Classic Compressors
TC Electronic Finalizer Digital Dynamics Processor
Lexicon MX200 Digital Effects Processor
Lexicon MPX200 Digital Effects Processor
Yamaha SPX90II DSP
Reference Monitoring
Presonus Central Station Master Monitor Section
JBL LSR4328P Reference Monitors
Fostex RM865 Ribbon Reference Monitors
Toa Cubes
JBL Control 1 Reference Monitors
JBL 2856 Reference Monitor (Live Room)
Furman HDS6 Personal Reference Mixing Monitor Systems
Headphones by; Fostex, Equation Audio, Shure, Samson and Audio Technica
Microphone Preamps
24 Channels of Soundtracs British Channel Strips
Trident Ltd. Octasonic 8 Channel Microphone Preamp
ADL 600 2 Channel All Tube Microphone Preamp
Presonus Pro Channel Strip
(2) Focusrite Platinum Voice Master Microphone Preamplifier
ART Dual MP 2 Channel Tube Microphone Preamplifier
ART Tube MP Microphone Preamplifier
(1) Audio Technica ATM21 - Large Diaphragm Dynamic - Cardioid
(4) Audio Technica 37R - Small Diaphragm Condenser - Cardioid
(1) ADK 51A - Large Diaphragm Condenser - Cardioid
(1) AKG 414ULS  - Large Diaphragm Condenser - Multi Pattern (Circa 1980)
(1) AKG 452E (2)  - Small Diaphragm Condenser - Cardioid (Circa 1960)
(1) AKG D12 - Large Diaphragm Dynamic - Cardioid
(1) AKG D200E Dynamic Cardioid
(1) Blue Baby Bottle - Large Diaphragm Condenser - Cardioid
(4) CAD E-100 - Large Diaphragm Condenser - Cardioid
(1) CAD GL1000 - Large Diaphragm Condenser - Multi Pattern
(1) Nakamichi CM-300 Stereo Recording Set (Circa 1960) - 3 Small Diaphragm Condenser - Multi Pattern
(2) Neumann TLM 193 - Large Diaphragm Condenser - Cardioid
(1) RODE NT-2 - Large Diaphragm Condenser - Multi Pattern
(2) RODE NT-1 - Large Diaphragm Condenser - Cardioid
(2) RODE NTK Tube - Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser - Cardioid
(1) RCA 77DX - Ribbon (Circa 1940)
(2) RCA 44BX - Ribbon (Circa 1940)
(1) RCA BK4 - Ribbon (Circa 1950)
(2) RCA SK-46 - Ribbon (Circa 1950)
(1) RCA M1 - Ribbon (Circa 1940)
(1) RSM-1 Ribbon
(1) Sennheiser 421U - Large Diaphragm Dynamic - Cardioid
(1) Sennheiser 441U - Small Diaphragm Dynamic - Hyper Cardioid (Circa 1970)
(1) Shure SM 59 - Small Diaphragm Dynamic - Cardioid
(2) Shure SM 58 - Small Diaphragm Dynamic - Cardioid
(6) Shure SM57 - Small Diaphragm Dynamic - Cardioid
(1) Shure SM88 - Small Diaphragm Condenser - Cardioid
(1) Shure KMS 137 - Small Diaphragm Condenser - Cardioid
We have over 40 esoteric & collectable microphones ranging from early 1940's through today.
1962 Harmony Rocket
1964 Fender Telecaster Rosewood Neck
1980 Martin DM-12-2 Dreadnought 12 String Acoustic
1969 Harmony Junior Acoustic Guitar
1986 Fender Squire Jazz Bass
1992 Fender Stratocaster Rosewood Neck
1993 Fender Telecaster Natural Maple Neck
1994 Gibson Les Paul Special "TV Yellow"
1995 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Birdseye
2000 Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar
2001 Ibanez Classical Guitar
2004 Martin DM Dreadnought 6 String Acoustic
2004 Alvarez MD90 6 String Acoustic
2006 Fender "'60's" Stratocaster Rosewood Neck
2006 Johnson Hollowbody Electric Rosewood Neck/ EMG Humbuckers
2008 Gretsch Gold Top Solid body Electromatic
Musical Instrument Amps & Processors
Marshall 30watt Solid State with 10" Speaker
Vox ACAD15VT 15watt Tube Amp w/DSP
1960 Gibson Minuteman Tube Amplifier
Peavey ValveKing 112 All Tube Amplifier - "Killer Tone"!
Fender Sidekick Reverb Solid State Amplifier
Ibanez SW35 Bass Amp
Vampire DSP 120 watt Amplifier
Behringer KX1200 Keyboard Amp
Hughes & Kettner Tubeman Preamp
Line 6 POD for Guitar
Line 6 POD for Bass
Various Pedals and Effects by Boss, Electro Harmonix, Morely, Dunlap, Aria, etc.
Samplers, Keyboards & Modules (Hardware & Software)
Yamaha S08 88 Key Music Production Keyboard
Korg X50 61-key Synthesizer with Triton-style HI Architecture, 512 Programs
Roland MKS50 Analog Synth Module
Tascam Giga Studio 32
Native Instruments Battery Drum Sampler (Virtual Instrument)
Native Instruments Classis Keyboards  (Virtual Instrument)
Zoom Drum Machine
Korg EM1 Electribe Music Production Station
Miscellaneous Instruments
Yamaha Studio Upright Piano
Gretch Vintage 5 pc. Drum Kit
Various percussion instruments

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