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Westwires Recording is the private studio of producer/engineer Wayne Becker. As a teenager, and an aspiring guitarist, Wayne would do live sound engineering and provide the repair and custom hot-roding of guitar amps and various audio gear for bands in the Lehigh Valley area. Wayne's formal education is in Computer Technology and Communication Electronics as well as 27 years experience in the design, implementation and consultation of various audio, recording and acoustic projects. During this time Wayne built Westwires Recording and has engineered and produced records for the likes of Zakk Wylde (Spitfire), Weston (Universal), Ye Ren (Drimala) , Steve Gillette (Red Wing), Andrew Cyrille (Black Saint) and William Parker (Columbia/Drimala). Over the years, Wayne has worked with many signed and unsigned artists for small and large labels, as well as independent released projects. A voting member of NARAS (the Grammy folks) Producer & Engineer's Wing, Wayne has regularly been invited to jury nominated selections for consideration in the voting process. Wayne is a member of the AES, NSCA and is a contributing writer to Pro Audio Review Magazine.  






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